Automated Solutions for the Construction Industry

What's RoBIM?

RoBIM is an end-to-end automated solution for fabrications of construction components using robots. We are focusing on developing (1) robotic simulators for construction purposes, (2) automated solutions for future construction and (3) holistic near-site fabrication solutions

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End-to-End Automated Solutions 

Automating the design and fabrication of components on or near construction sites within self-contained fabrication pods using robots.

Platform of Software, Hardware and Processes

Replicating the process of project design, pricing and fabrication of components for general contractors.

Team, Technology, Product Application

Establishing a multidisciplinary and international technical and research team backed by an extensive patent portfolio.


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The first robotic simulator for construction engineers

RoBIM Simulator

RoBIM Simulator is a simulator that enables the engineer to plan, simulate, and control the industrial robot arm. It provides a virtual design and validation environment for linking the digital model to a robot's control system.


RoBIM Construction

Our mission is to develop holistic solutions for the construction industry to improve productivity, reduce costs and increase sustainability. We help different construction sectors to develop cost-effective solutions for their daily tasks by intruding AI, robotics, and automation technologies. Applications of the RoBIM Construction include but are not limited to wall panel prefabrication, façade fabrication, masonry wall assembly, formwork system fabrication, etc.

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