A virtual environment to simulate, plan and control industrial robots


What is RoBIM?

RoBIM is a robotics simulator that enables the manufacturer to plan, simulate, and control the industrial robot. It provides a virtual design and validation environment for linking the digital model to a robot's control system. RoBIM users can simulate and control a robot with an animation-based tool rather than writing code.

Program robots in the cloud

A cloud-based offline robot programming tool that adds more possibilities to robot planning without complexity.

No complicated installation processes - just open your browser. It has a cloud-based database that allows users to access, plan and simulate robot motions anytime, anywhere.

Meet RoBIM the first cloud-based programming tool for robots.


Simulate Multi-Robots With

Our Visual Programming Interface

No More Hard Coding

RoBIM provides a visual programming interface. You can program a UR robot frame by frame through an animation-based timeline and spend more time focusing on design and planning rather than coding.

Smart Planning

Use RoBIM's built-in physics engine with AI-based algorithms to find collision-free paths.

Constructibility Test

Use RoBIM’s built-in physics engine with virtual gravity to test the constructibility in the virtual environment.

Link BIM with Robot Controls

RoBIM's Modular Construction Module provides a holistic solution for bridging gap between the digital design of a modular home with the robot controls. It provides APIs of most common BIM (Building Information Modelling) tool for extracting the geometrical information for the robotic construction.

Meet RoBIM UR Package

RoBIM provides an offline programming solution for Universal Robots, the top 1 cobot provider all over the world. The UR Package supports all modules of UR robots and different types of third-party end-effector solutions. 


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