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Robotic Solutions for the Construction Industry

What is RoBIM?

RoBIM Technologies Inc., based in Edmonton, Alberta, offers an end-to-end automated solution for near-site fabrication of construction components using robotics.

RoBIM integrates robotic simulation software, application development and robotic manufacturing expertise to create automated fabrication solutions for the global construction industry.

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What's RoBM


Automating the creation of robotic processes in a virtual environment for fabricating components used in construction projects.

Design & Test of
Robotic Processes

Building and testing of robotic fabrication capabilities through end-effector development, work cells and material handling systems.

Robotic Production Lines

Building out of automated, robotic fabrication solutions aligned with the needs of the construction industry and to reduce costs and shorten schedules.

Near & On-Site
Robotic Fabrication

Bringing robotics to or near a construction site to reduce the fixed costs of robotic fabrication and improve project logistics and scheduling.

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The first robotic simulator for construction engineers

RoBIM Simulator

RoBIM Simulator is a simulator that enables a construction engineer to plan, simulate, and control the industrial robot arm. It provides a virtual design and validation environment for linking the digital model to a robot's control system.


Focus on the Construction Industry

Construction is a global trillion-dollar industry facing multiple challenges.  McKinsey reports that large construction projects globally typically take 20 percent longer to finish than scheduled and up to 80 percent are over budget. 


Productivity growth and investment in R&D severely lags other industries and the industry is challenged by an aging work force and not being able to attract and retain young talent.


RoBIM Technologies Inc. was founded to bring robotics and automation to the construction site and to offer automated fabrication capabilities that reduce the need for human labor; lower costs; improve quality and increase the productivity of construction methods.

RoBIM is partnering with construction industry leaders to develop robotic fabrication processes for specific industry use cases.  Contact us to learn more or to investigate other use case possibilities.

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