RoBIM Simulator

A virtual environment to simulate, plan and control industrial robots


Combining Robotic Technologies with Construction Know-How

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RoBIM Simulator uses cloud technology to develop a robot planning simulation platform to achieve remote design, planning, and construction, and thus break the geographical restrictions of traditional construction industries.

- Cloud-based

Why RoBIM Simulator?

- Visualization

RoBIM Simulator provides an animation-based programming interface that allows the engineer to plan and control the robots. The engineer can focus on design, planning and decision-making, rather than typing lines of codes.

- AI Planning

RoBIM Simulator utilizes AI-based algorithms to automatically (1) generate the robot trajectories according to the building design, (2) identify the assembly sequence, and (3) find collision-free paths.

- Interdisciplinary

RoBIM Simulator combines the traditional construction know-how with modern robotic technologies to provide an integrated solution for robotic building prefabrication.


Program Robots in the Cloud

A cloud-based offline robot programming tool that adds more possibilities to robot planning without complexity.

No complicated installation processes - just open your browser. It has a cloud-based database that allows users to access, plan and simulate robot motions anytime, anywhere.

Meet RoBIM Simulator the first cloud-based programming tool for robots.

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3 cups


Visual Programming Panel

Sequence Planning Panel

Main Scene

No More Hard Coding

RoBIM Simulator provides a visual programming interface. You can program a UR robot frame by frame through an animation-based timeline and spend more time focusing on design and planning rather than coding.


Smart Planning

Use RoBIM Simulator’s built-in physics engine with AI-based algorithms to find collision-free paths.


Link BIM Design with Robot Control

RoBIM Simulator is the first robot simulator that allows users to directly extract information from BIM software. RoBIM users can import geometrical information from BIM models to our robot simulator through RoBIM Dynamo Package and RoBIM API.


Simulate Multi-Robots With Our Visual Programming Interface


Avoid Failures Ahead

Use RoBIM Simulator’s built-in physics engine with virtual gravity to test the constructibility in the virtual environment.

Customize Your Robotic System for Different Applications

RoBIM Simulator includes industrial robot arms and end-effectors with kinematics models from leading manufacturers. Users can easily use RoBIM Simulator to plan and simulate different applications.
Can't find the robot you want? Or have your own end-effectors? Our engineering team can help you to build up your customized robotic system. Contact Us for more information.